Compact Heat Pump

Compact Heat Pump


HMCP series

Product info

  Simple structure and easy installation 

Heismann water heater can meet your requirements about hot water all the year round. Additionally, it can provide free cooling air for your kitchen


   Fashion & Compact appearance Simple structure & easy installation 60°C Maximum Water Temperature COP  2.7 base on EN16147 Intelligent Defrosting Technology Environment friendly refrigerant R-134a Wi-Fi  Communication (Optional)

80 - 300 Litre capacity

0 กรัม
300000 บาท

Kitchen Cooling, Cosy & Efficiency

    The Hot Water Heat Pump not only can provide abundant hot water for your family in 24 hours, but also can give free comfortable cooling air to your kitchen which is much more energy efficiency

Fashion & Compact Appearance

    With patented fashionable design, Heismann water heater could highlight your room decoration and meet your aesthetic taste

60°C Maximum Water Temperature

   This maximum outlet water temperature of the units can be up to 60°C, which means that the units are able to meet water requirement in a large amount.


Connection Application

  • Kitchen cooling
  • Shower water
  • Domestic water
  • Washing water

Wifi Connection

Working principle

1.Refrigerant is compressed into vapor with high temperature & high pressure when it goes through the compressor 


2.On the discharge side of the compressor, the now hot and highly pressurized vapor is cooled down through the heat exchange with the water in the tank until it condenses into a high pressuure, moderate temperature liquid

3.Then the pressure of the liquid refrigerant drops as it passes expansion valve

4.Finally, refrigerant absorbs heat from the surrounding air and evaporates into vapor with low temperature and low pressure and then it goes into compressor again

5.The cooled surrounding air could be blew to the rooms which needs fresh cooled air.

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Heat Pump Eco

600000 บาท

Heat Pump Eco Premium

500000 บาท

Heat Pump

655612 บาท

Domestic Heat Pump

400000 บาท