Heat Pump

Heat Pump

HMAW series

High efficiency heat pump

Product info

    Heat Pump (heat pump) is an energy-saving water heater more efficient water heating system up to 4 times by the principle of operation of Heat Pump is a heat energy in the air is the heat energy that can be used with heat transfer, with water or bring summer to use on electrical energy, just 25% of thermal energy by 75% of energy so it's free! By heat drawn from the air around us.

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The operating cost is only 1/4 of electric water heater,

1/4 of gas water heater and 1/2 of oil water heater,

2/3 of solar water heater.

Convenience & Long age

Take a little space and place, easy Installation,

Special compressor for heat pump, durable

and energy efficient

Safe and no pollution

Water and electricity are completely separated.

No electricity leak, No explosion, No CO

Intellectual anti-freezing (Optional)

Auto anti-freezing function protects the

equipment against very low outer temperature.

How it Work


    Air to Water Heat Pump An air to water heat pump absorbs low temperature energy from air (usually outside air) raises it to a higher, more useful temperature using a refrigerant cycle and uses water to deliver the heat. A heat exchanger transfers the energy from the air to a refrigerant with a low boiling point which evaporates and circulates in a closed system. 

     The pressure of the refrigerant is raised by a compressor, which also raises the temperature to a useable level. The refrigerant then condensed in a second heat exchanger and releases heat to a water delivery system. The pressure of the refrigerant is then reduced by an expasion valve, its temperature falls, and it is ready to start the cycle again and absorb energy from the air.


Heat Pump Eco Premium

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Compact Heat Pump

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Heat Pump Eco

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