Swimming Pool Heat Pump

Swimming Pool Heat Pump

W / B / BS series

Product info

  Maximize the value and enjoyment from your pool all year round. 

It combines performance and economy which make it the most efficient and economical pool heaters on the market. It helps you maintain the pool water temperature at comfortable 28ºC or more at very economic cost

High Efficiency COP 4.8-5.0 Durable lifetime Titanium Heat Exchanger for anti corrossion Anti corrosion casing material

Built-in controller Pressure indicator on both product and hot water side W-Series : 15 - 50 kW heating capacity (Anti UV ABS casing) B-BS Series : 70 - 450 kW heating capacity (Galvanized Powder Coated casing/ stainless steel casing

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Heismann pool heat pump doesn’t actually generate heat. It simply transfers the energy from the air to the swimming pool. 

Air passes the evaporator filled with a very cold refrigerant. Heat from the air is absorbed by the refrigerant, which is then pushed though the heat pump by the compressor and transferred to the pool water through special titanium heat exchanger.


  • Titanium heat exchanger for long term use
  • V shape design high efficiency evaporator
  • Intelligent controller lead to precise water


  • Quiet axial fan motors guarantee heat transfer
  • Pressure gauges indicate actual operation 


  • Automatic defrosting function included
  • Every unit tested with standard swimming pools

How it Work


     Air to Water Heat Pump An air to water heat pump absorbs low temperature energy from air (usually outside air) raises it to a higher, more useful temperature using a refrigerant cycle and uses water to deliver the heat. A heat exchanger transfers the energy from the air to a refrigerant with a low boiling point which evaporates and circulates in a closed system. 


     The pressure of the refrigerant is raised by a compressor, which also raises the temperature to a useable level. The refrigerant then condensed in a second heat exchanger and releases heat to a water delivery system. The pressure of the refrigerant is then reduced by an expasion valve, its temperature falls, and it is ready to start the cycle again and absorb energy from the air.


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Compact Heat Pump

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Heat Pump Eco Premium

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Domestic Heat Pump

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Heat Pump Eco

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